Florian Schulz


Japan 2005/09 - 2007/02

Scholarship holder of the German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst, DAAD) in the programme "Language and practical training in Japan" for university graduates. 9 months intensive language training in Tokyo, followed by 9 months of practical training in a Japanese company. In my case it is Babcock-Hitachi K.K. in Kure near Hiroshima. Aims: Acquirement of intercultural competence and practical advancements in the area of energy and power plant technology.

Studies of mechanical engineering in Kiel 2001/09 - 2005/09

With special interest in the fields of energy, power plants, thermodynamics and hydrodynamics. Internships, student research project and diploma thesis in power plant technologies. Politics at university, also in leading positions.

Officer in German Navy 1995/07 - 2001/06

Training as Officer, employment in engineering of a steam powered ship, responsibility for personnel and machines. Leadership experience, organisational skills, decision making, flexibility, sense of responsibility.

German, English, Japanese.

Sailer, Photographer, Traveller.